Friday, June 10, 2011

Hunted: The Demon's Forge

Here are some of the things I made for Hunted: The Demon's Forge during my time at InXile Entertainment. INCOMING DUMP OF STUFF!

These are the Wargar. I put together a sampler image of three of the main variants. Later on I was responsible for making all the other variations you see in game, some with mohawks, some with war paint... I think in the end there were 14 variants or something like that. Your standard fodder...
Do you think it saw us? DERP.

The Minotaur was by far my favorite thing to work on, and I had a lot of creative control with the concept and final asset. Super fun.

The Minotaur you see in game did not always look as he does now. Above is an early version of him, the idea behind this was that the character was more of an ogre with a cow head hat. Didn't make the cut thank goodness.

I had this idea of giving the heaviest armored Minotaur duel shields, to be used HUGE fist weapons and mobile cover. Didn't make it in the final game.

The Spider queen herself. I had some help on this one from my good buddy Kevin Cassidy. He provided some gnarly guts to be spilled out the back!

This Spider was also fun to work on. It's gameplay design changed a lot during production, and we had some amazing plans for it that needed a little more time to get functioning properly. Sad to see some potentially awesome things get cut. BUT he is still in the game! Yay!

A rough pass on the Minotaur redesign after the ogre thing didn't work out.

I was tasked with concepting the new Minotaur after the ogre with cow hat didn't work out for the best. But they wanted it to still be an ogre, and maybe when he drinks too much "Sleg" it mutates and developed horns. This idea was again rejected.

A beat up villager. This was the first pass on the concept.

And lastly, a beauty render of the Minotaur's face :]

Unfortunately I don't have renders or screen shots of the other things I worked on, such as weapons and a few other characters. But oh well. Hope you enjoyed these pics, and if you are playing the game I hope you are enjoying that as well!


  1. my favorite was always the Minotaur. i enjoyed playing against it in the game. Great work

  2. super nice - Hunted is really becoming a cult hit I think - lots of great stuff in it. Did you also make the elara model?

  3. Thanks Jess, glad you like the Minotaur and also glad you enjoyed fighting them!

    Skaven - Glad to hear you enjoy the game, the two main characters were done by Tyler James at